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Senior Living Options in St. George, Utah

Scott Gill: Leading with Heart in St. George Senior Living

Scott Gill Featured
In the heart of St. George, Utah is a bustling senior living campus, complete with amenities that truly match the active lifestyle seniors crave in their retirement years.

Scott Gill, Executive Director of Assisted Living and Memory Care of Ovation Sienna Hills, leads his beautiful retirement community with a strong passion for serving seniors.

Scott shares:

“I believe the last couple of chapters in our lives are quite often the most important chapters in our lives. I see reconciliation with loved ones during this time. I see resolution of values and beliefs during these later stages and phases of life. I see restitution paid, bringing peace of mind to those eager to make amends. And I see peace come from remembrance and from wonderful memories that are shared.”

Deep passion for memory care drives Scott to Ovation

Scott’s journey into the senior living industry was inspired by a deep-seated belief in the importance of caring for our vulnerable population, especially in their later stages of life.

He joined Ovation Sienna Hills in February 2024 largely because of the company’s unwavering commitment to excellence, particularly in the realm of memory care. Ovation’s specialized memory care program, which includes a unique female-only community, resonated deeply with Scott’s passion for dementia education, advocacy, and care. He recognizes the importance of creating a safe and supportive environment for residents with dementia, where they can thrive and maintain their dignity.

Ovation’s female-only memory care neighborhood, Sage, offers residents and their families confidence and safety, as well as encourages connection and well-being for their female residents.

“Our female-only memory care neighborhood is unique,” Scott shares.

Ovation’s robust memory care program also features technology, training, and service to enhance care and safety. This specialized care is offered through Ovation’s Connections program, which focuses on individualized care plans to empower residents’ physical, cognitive, emotional, and social health.

This standard of care resonates with Scott and was one of the primary reasons he became a leader at Ovation Sienna Hills.

Scott shares, “I love what I do and wouldn’t want to do anything else.”

Inspired by his senior residents

Interacting with residents who inspire him every day brings Scott immense joy in his job. One of these residents is Stan in Ovation Sienna Hills’ memory care, whose unwavering love for people and passion for an active lifestyle continue to shine through. Stan’s resilience and the support of his loving family serve as a constant source of inspiration for Scott.

“He hasn’t lost his love for people, his desire to do good, and interact with others,” Scott shares. “His family is so supportive. It’s fun to see their dynamics.”

Scott’s love for family and the outdoors

Beyond his professional endeavors, Scott’s dedication to his family is evident in everything he does.

Scott has four children who he is incredibly proud of. His youngest is Cali (nicknamed Cali Bear), who has Down Syndrome and a loving spirit. Scott describes her as a sassy fashionista. She loves music, singing, and knitting with the help of her older sister Maycee.

Maycee is Scott’s teenage daughter, who is a sophomore in high school. He calls her his expensive child, as Maycee loves for her dad to spend money on her.

His son Tanner recently graduated from the Salt Lake Police Academy and is beginning rifle school.

His oldest son Carson (Miloh) passed away in November 2022 and would have been 20 years old this year. Scott remembers him as one of the most generous people he’s ever known.

“Growing up it wouldn’t be out of the ordinary for him to give away all his Christmas presents to his friends by May,” he shares.

Miloh was a certified massage therapist and yoga instructor with a passion for helping people feel good.

A plaque in honor of Miloh stands at one of his favorite places in the world – Big Sky, Montana.

Scott created this video to honor Miloh and his wonderful childhood memories.

Whether it’s hiking, jet skiing, or attending college football games with his son Tanner, spending quality time with his children brings him immense joy. Scott also enjoys staying active through activities like pickleball, hiking, and hitting the gym in the morning with seniors of Washington County. He loves exploring the picturesque landscapes of Utah, from the breathtaking trails of Zion National Park to the serene beauty of Toquerville Falls, among many more beautiful hiking trails in Utah.

Leading Ovation Sienna Hills with a dedication for service

Scott is excited for the future at Ovation Sienna Hills’ senior living campus.

“There’s so much potential,” Scott shares.

He gives credit to the support of Ovation’s owners and the Ovation Sienna Hills team for making their senior living services great.

“We can take Ovation to a level the industry hasn’t seen,” Scott shares. “We have an opportunity to make this exceptional.”

He looks forward to helping establish Ovation Sienna Hills as the industry leader in memory care, and this senior living community certainly has a competitive advantage with Utah’s first female-only memory care neighborhood.

Through his passion for service and genuine care for others, Scott Gill is truly making a difference in the lives of seniors and their families at Ovation Sienna Hills assisted living and memory care.

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