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Senior Living Options in St. George, Utah

25 Questions to Ask When Searching for Memory Care in St. George, Utah

When it comes to finding the ultimate place to retire, Utah stands out as an ideal location. The state boasts a healthy economy, outdoor recreation with world-renowned parks, interesting cultural events, and beautiful landscapes. Utah also offers access to high-quality healthcare. For these reasons and more, people are flocking to the Beehive State later in life.

However, finding the perfect senior living community in St. George, Utah, takes time. You will want to first understand the varying levels of support offered by different types of communities. Independent living options, for instance, are designed for individuals who require limited support in a group setting whereas nursing communities provide a very high level of support, assisting residents with daily activities like eating and bathing. Comparatively, memory care communities are designed for individuals who suffer from conditions like Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. For those coping with cognitive decline, exploring memory care communities in St. George, Utah, might be the best step.

What Is Memory Care?

Memory care is a specialized service designed to provide support to people who suffer from cognitive diseases like Alzheimer’s and dementia. Memory care services may be offered in a special care unit within an existing senior care community. Memory care communities can also be standalone campuses that strictly handle people who suffer from memory issues. Many memory care communities in St. George, Utah, offer services, activities, and programs that are designed with the needs of residents in mind. For instance, some may provide music therapy to residents. Music therapy is an alternative treatment for dementia symptoms like anxiety and aggression. Others may take residents for nature walks or organize special events.

But what exactly should you look for in a memory care community?

Questions to Ask When Searching for Memory Care Communities

When selecting memory care in St. George, Utah, it is important that you ask questions about the services provided by the community. Do they offer assistance with daily tasks like bathing or eating? Do they provide help to residents who are no longer mobile? What forms of behavioral support are available? Asking specific questions will help you understand the benefits and possible limitations of the staff. In effect, you can better judge whether it will be the right place for your family member.

The following questions will help you select the best memory care community.

Memory Care Treatments

Staff members should be eager to tell you about the level of care they provide to residents and what sets them apart from other memory care locations. But do not be afraid to dig deeper and ask specific questions related to your family member’s needs. Every person will have different levels of memory issues and behaviors.

  • What physical, mental, or emotional treatments and therapies are offered?
  • Is each resident given an individualized care plan? If so, how is this plan determined? Is it modified when their memory issues progress?
  • Are other therapies provided, such as art therapy, light therapy, or pet therapy?
  • Will transitional services be offered when the memory issues progress?

Memory Care Environment

It is important to understand how the community is structured. Many communities offer opportunities for residents to interact with one another, for instance.

  • Are residents grouped together based on cognitive level for housing, dining, and recreational activities?
  • Will residents intermingle during different hours or freely around the community, such as during leisure time?

Memory Care Staff

Staff expertise and level of training impact the quality of care your family member receives. As an example, at Ovation Sienna Hills, we offer activities of daily living assistance. Our certified caregivers and licensed nurses also provide 24/7 medical support.

  • Is the community accredited?
  • What training, particularly ongoing training, is provided to staff?
  • Is outside care allowed on-site?
  • What is the staff-to-resident ratio and what is this ratio during the night?
  • What emergency treatment can be provided in case of accidents?
  • Are off-site doctors available that visit regularly, how often do they visit with residents, and what are their specialties?
  • What other medical services are provided in the community? Will the staff provide rehabilitation services?

Community Amenities and Features

When evaluating memory care communities, learn about the housing and floor plans that are available. What each residence looks like will vary depending on the size of the community. For example, at Ovation Sienna Hills, we offer studio apartments with quartz countertops and smart home technologies to provide a resort-style environment.

  • What are the living arrangements: cottage-style, townhome, small neighborhoods?
  • Are rooms shared or private?
  • What type of dining and snack programs are available?
  • What are the outdoor features?
  • How is the community secured during the day and night?
  • Are any concierge services provided?

Community Policies and Costs

The price of the memory care community will determine if your loved one will be able to afford the community. Community policies will also determine if the move is feasible. Questions in this realm should focus on admission and discharge policies, what is prohibited on the premise, and any additional out-of-pocket fees. Not all communities will accept long-term care insurance policies so be sure to pay attention to details like these.

  • What is the admission process and are assessments provided before admission?
  • What will be the discharge policy?
  • How are medical emergencies handled on-site?
  • Are there any services or care that is not provided?
  • Why type of payment structure is offered?
  • Will the community accept government healthcare programs like Medicare?

Finding the Right Memory Care in St. George, Utah

There are many options for memory care communities located in Utah, so look for one that will provide care for your family member based on their interests and medical requirements. For residents looking for the ideal place in the resort town of St. George, Ovation Sienna Hills offers memory care in a large community along with independent living and assisted living apartment homes. Find out more by contacting us today.

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