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5 Simple Exercises for Seniors

Regular physical activity contributes to a healthy lifestyle. For older adults, being physically active also makes it easier to complete daily living activities. The wellness team at Ovation put together this list of simple exercises that can be incorporated into anyone’s daily routine to help maintain their physical health.


This ancient practice makes for an all-encompassing and versatile workout. Doing yoga regularly can help to build muscle, improve posture, enhance mobility, maintain a healthy body weight, and alleviate aches and pains.

There are many types of yoga. If you have limited mobility, consider chair yoga. This is done while sitting up straight in a chair. Some chair yoga ideas you may want to try are overhead stretch, seated cat stretch and seated cow stretch.


Walking is a tried and tested form of exercise. It is low impact and can strengthen your bones and muscles, promote a healthy weight, lower your risk of lifestyle diseases, and improve balance and coordination. It is recommended to briskly walk 20 to 30 minutes per day. To get the most out of your walking, ensure you lift your knees and pump your arms with every step.

Wall push-ups

Wall push-ups are a great option if you can no longer get on and off the floor easily. In older adults, this exercise helps to strengthen your upper body, increase stability, and improve your core strength.

To work out your upper body, stand straight at an arm’s length away from a sturdy wall. Place your hands on the wall, making sure they are parallel to the ground. Next, bend your elbows to move your upper body close to the wall, then push yourself back to the original position. Repeat several times.

Stair climbing

This is a simple but great way to stay active. Apart from helping you to maintain a healthy body weight, regular stair climbing will increase leg strength, reduce the risk of injury from falls, and improve general fitness.

Just as the name suggests, the exercise involves walking up a flight of stairs. Climb the stairs slowly, trying to go as far up as you can. Then take some time to recover before walking back down to where you started off. Repeat this several times.

Standing balance

This balance exercise helps to improve posture, strength, coordination, and stability, which all help reduce the risk of falling.

To do this exercise, hold on to a stable object such as a chair or countertop. Then, lift one foot as high as you can while balancing on the other and try to maintain this position for as long as you can. Next, switch to the other foot and repeat.

Maintain an active, healthy lifestyle in St. George, Utah

Ovation Sienna Hills is an active lifestyle community located in St. George, Utah. Our community is designed to enable our residents to maintain an active lifestyle while enjoying the finer things in life. We also provide multiple levels of senior living options to ensure all our residents get the assistance they need to have a fulfilling lifestyle. Contact us today to schedule a personal tour or explore our senior living community virtually!

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