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Senior Living Options in St. George, Utah

Embracing Community and Adventure: Linda Ames’ Journey at Ovation Sienna Hills

Nestled in the serene mountain landscapes of St. George, Utah, Ovation Sienna Hills has become more than just a residence; it’s a vibrant hub of camaraderie, activities, and opportunities for residents like Linda Ames.

Linda’s story is one of adventure, resilience, and the joy of embracing new chapters in life.

Choosing senior living in St. George

Having moved to Ovation Sienna Hills in November 2023, Linda’s decision to call Ovation home stemmed from a blend of curiosity and the gentle nudges of concerned friends.

She was invited to a summer pool party at Ovation and immediately found herself drawn to the community spirit and array of activities offered at Ovation Sienna Hills. She left the beautiful home she built in Brian Head, Utah, to settle at Ovation Sienna Hills for the winter.

Ames in the gym

One aspect Linda particularly cherishes about Ovation is the focus on health and wellness. As someone who values staying active, Linda revels in the gym sessions, cardio drumming, and especially the strength and balance classes. She noted that since attending the fitness classes, she feels steadier and more confident on her feet.

“I’m surprised with availability of activities here,” she shared. “Every day there is something!”

Linda noted there are so many activities that you don’t even need a car. Transportation is easily accessible for residents who want to go out and about, through Ovation’s scheduled outings and personal transportation services that can be arranged through the concierge.

Linda enjoys socializing with her neighbors at the weekly socials dubbed “It’s 5 O’clock Somewhere.”

“I’ve met some really nice people here,” she shared.

Ovation employees want to provide a top-tier retirement for their residents – as part of this, they always welcome suggestions. Linda asked for trivia, and they put it on the schedule.

“There are some absolute stars on the staff,” Linda shared. “I believe their core value of integrity is what makes this the place that it is.”

The dining experience at Ovation

One of the perks of senior living is the convenience of having chef-prepared meals daily. And Ovation Sienna Hills is well-known for their delicious cuisines!

“We have a wonderful chef, Chef Michael,” Linda shared.

Ovation Sienna Hills has four in-house restaurants and once a month, the fine dining restaurant 1861 provides a gourmet dinner. Linda loves Ovation’s food!

“I’ve eaten everywhere, and I’m a good cook,” she shared. “I’m pretty sure I’ve been on every continent except Antarctica. The food at Ovation is world-quality.”

Adventure throughout her life

Linda’s life is an extraordinary adventure. She joined the Air Force in the early 70s during a historic time when women were first being integrated into other positions aside from the medical corp. She served 23 years, as commander processing photos from drones and as a Colonel.

As a career, Linda worked in aerospace engineering and taught 5th grade for seven years. She also knows some Russian language, as she conducted treaty negotiations with Russians in 1995.

Linda also had an adventurous family life. She and her fighter pilot husband Milton have two daughters, Alexandra, who now lives in Paris, and Allison, their youngest who works in marketing. She cherishes their moments together, especially the holidays.

Linda continued to be adventurous throughout her life. Utah is known for its great slopes, and she loved cross country skiing. Linda has sailed the world on 85 cruises since 2013, one year spending 189 days on a cruise ship.

Today at Ovation Sienna Hills, Linda enjoys staying active through the many activities and walking her dog Kyrie three times a day – the two enjoy visiting Ovation’s several dog parks. Kyrie (pronounced Keerie) means Lord in Greek.

“She pretty much “Lord’s” it over me,” Linda chuckled. “Whatever she needs, I provide.”

Since welcoming Kyrie to the family, Linda limited her travels to spend more time together.

“I promised her no more than twice a year, three weeks at a time,” Linda shared.

Linda also makes her own beer and wine. “I’ve shared some of my wine here,” Linda shared. “I’m told it’s pretty good!”

Senior living made for adventurers

Reflecting on her journey, Linda offers sage advice to the younger generation: “Be kind. It doesn’t cost anything, and it can open up your world.” Her words encapsulate the essence of Ovation Sienna Hills — a St. George senior living community where seniors explore, engage, and thrive in their retirement.

As Linda continues to embrace each day with enthusiasm and zest, her story serves as a testament to the transformative power of community and the boundless opportunities that await those who dare to embark on new adventures, no matter their age.

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