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From Grand Opening to Today: Andy Haws’ Nursing Career at Ovation

Luke and Andy

Ovation Sienna Hills, a vibrant senior living village in St. George, Utah, is filled with team members dedicated to enhancing lives of their residents. One of these incredible people is Andy Haws, Registered Nurse (RN).

Andy’s beginnings with Ovation become a lifelong passion

Andy’s story with Ovation began in 2019 when she joined as the Director of Health Services. This was an exciting time for Ovation Sienna Hills, as the senior living community opened its independent living villas in 2020 followed by the grand opening of the full campus in 2021.

“I had no idea when I was hired in 2019 as the Director of Health Services how opening the building would impact my life and how it would be a part of my life for many years,” Andy reflects.

The process of creating and molding the clinical department at Ovation was a labor of love, marked by determination and a contagious desire for excellence.

“Ovation meant a lot to me back then and it still does,” Andy shares.

Andy pursued another job opportunity and returned to Ovation just a few short years later as a part-time assistant RN, then once again took on her original role as the Director of Health Services. Her decision to return was deeply influenced by the culture and representation of the current administration team.

“One of our core values at Ovation is Quality That Is Obvious. We have a team that exuberates quality in their professional abilities, goals, and mannerisms,” Andy emphasizes.

A love for seniors

Andy’s passion for her job revolves around the heart of Ovation – the residents.

“To me, it just feels like home working with our senior population,” Andy shares. “I am humbled by their wisdom, love, and adaptability. The courage and resilience many of our residents’ face as their life changes is humbling. I continue to be reminded through them of what truly matters in this life.”

Family life in St. George

One of the things that matters most to Andy is her family. With her husband Luke and their four boys, along with a daughter-in-law, they form a dynamic and lively household. Their free time is filled with football and soccer games, bonding over pickleball, and staying active with hiking and exploring the desert trails of St. George. The couple also enjoys running and have participated in several half marathons and marathons together.

Beyond Andy’s passion for senior living and her active family life, Andy nurtures her love for reading, especially historical fiction.

In the heart of Ovation Sienna Hills, Andy thrives in a space that echoes her values – a commitment to quality senior care, a love for residents, and an unwavering passion for family. Her story reflects the genuine care and dedication that defines the Ovation Sienna Hills experience in St. George, Utah.

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