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Senior Living Options in St. George, Utah

The Difference Between Assisted Living, Independent Senior Living and Active Retirement Communities

The main thing that makes independent senior living in St. George or an active retirement community different from simply owning your own home or condo is the community, convenience, and the ability to age in place. Ovation Sienna Hills is an active retirement community that provides onsite assisted living and memory care so residents can benefit from a seamless, worry-free transition when necessary.

What is Independent Living or Active Retirement?

Independent living and active retirement are two terms that are used to describe the same type of community. These communities provide you with all the comforts of home but without having to worry about all the high-maintenance work that goes into living in a home or condo.

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At an active retirement community, like our St. George retirement community, residents don’t need to worry about cleaning the house or doing yard work. Every residence – which is luxuriously appointed with quartz countertops, stainless steel appliances, fireplaces, sensor lighting, and high-end fixtures – is cleaned by our housekeeping staff on a weekly basis.

When something breaks, whether it’s a plumbing issue or a broken microwave, our maintenance team will fix it. No need to schedule appointments with contractors or repair people. Residents never have to worry about the hassle of having to replace a roof or have a new HVAC system installed.

Some studies suggest more than 40 percent of seniors suffer from loneliness. Active retirement communities combat senior loneliness thanks to their community atmospheres and residents’ close proximity to fellow members of their peer group and the amenities and services available.

So Much to See and Do

There’s nothing standard about Ovation Sienna Hills, and the benefits go far beyond what most people associate with independent senior living communities. In addition to outings and scheduled transportation, our residents also have access to:

  • Several onsite restaurants and shopping options
  • Movie theater
  • Social clubs in elegant, bar-like atmospheres
  • Cutting-edge fitness centers with senior-friendly equipment
  • Easy-to-use smart home-automation technology

What is Assisted Living?

Assisted living communities function exactly as their name suggests. Residents in assisted living communities have access to staff that assists with activities, commonly referred to as ADLs and IADLs, which are essential to daily living. Tasks that are vital to remaining independent are labeled as ADLs.

Examples of ADLs:

  • Eating – ability to eat, either with or without the assistance of a device, independently
  • Transferring – the ability to move, or transfer, from one location to another. For example, moving from the bed to a wheelchair or the wheelchair to a toilet.
  • Dressing – ability to perform specific tasks, such as buttoning or zipping, which needs to be done to dress and undress each day
  • Personal Care – tasks that focus on maintaining personal hygiene. Examples of personal care tasks include hair brushing, shaving help using the bathroom or cleaning up after use of the bathroom, and toothbrushing
  • Bathing – tasks such as washing the face or body either in a tub or shower

IADLs are specific activities or tasks that need to be performed to maintain a safe life or home.

Examples of IADLs:

  • Scheduling and maintaining doctor appointments
  • Driving or arranging for safe transportation to activities, doctor appointments, or other tasks such as shopping
  • Managing medications – ordering medications, sorting medications, and medication reminders
    Paying bills
  • Meal preparation and cooking – purchasing food, preparing it, and cooking it
  • Housekeeping – cleaning the house or bathroom, doing the laundry, or taking out the trash
  • Home maintenance – fixing broken appliances, changing lightbulbs, or performing basic plumbing

At Ovation Sienna Hills, we encourage our residents to stay independent and active. All residents have full access to all community and amenity benefits. However, the staff is on hand to provide as little or as much assistance as needed.

The Difference Between Assisted Living and Independent Living

Independent senior living and active retirement communities are terms that can be used interchangeably to describe communities where seniors and retirees can live entirely independent lives in what amounts to a high-end condo complex or gated community. Assisted living communities are more like traditional retirement homes where there are lots of staff and nurses around to provide more in-depth care, assistance with daily living, and to respond to emergencies.

What is Memory Care?

Our Utah memory community features Ovation Connections™ Memory Care, a comprehensive approach to deterring memory loss through engagement and the creation of connections for use as focal points and communication tools. Some of those connections include:

  • Music Connections
  • Aroma Connections
  • Pet Connections
  • Art Connections
  • Tactile Connections
  • Spiritual Connections

A Level of Care That Changes with You

Having the opportunity to age in place can be a real blessing for active seniors. If the day comes when you need additional care, you and your family won’t have to worry about finding a new community with the capabilities to provide the higher level of assistance you need.

Ovation Sienna Hills, located in St. George, Utah, has full-service assisted living and memory care onsite, making the transition seamless for residents. Assisted living and memory care residents get the same community and amenity benefits but also receive assistance with daily living and medication as well as physical, speech, and occupational therapy if needed.

Our community encourages and helps residents stay independent as long as possible, but additional care is always available whenever it does become needed.

Discover the Difference at Ovation Sienna Hills

We’ve pulled out all the stops to create an active retirement independent living experience that refutes all the negative stereotypes commonly associated with retirement communities. You can find out how we’ve done it firsthand by completing our online form, or by calling our St. George retirement community, the Ovation Sienna Hills in St. George, UT at 435.429.0000. We’d love the opportunity to help you discover the lifestyle potential retirement can offer. Please, download our retirement community guide.

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