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Ovation Sienna Hills is proud to announce its sponsorship of Art Around the Corner, a non-profit organization that brings public art to the streets of St. George, Utah. The sponsorship comes as part of Ovation’s commitment to supporting local arts and culture.

The Art Around the Corner Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting the arts, enriching the community, and bringing fine arts to the heart of historic St. George. Their flagship is the sculpture exhibit. Through Ovation Sienna Hills’ sponsorship, a plaque with our name will be placed on one of the sculptures.

“We are thrilled to support Art Around the Corner and their efforts to bring public art to St. George,” said Chuck Donnelly, General Manager of Ovation Sienna Hills. “As a senior living community that values culture and the arts, we believe it is important to support organizations like Art Around the Corner that make the arts accessible to everyone.”

Susan Jarvis, board member for Art Round the Corner, expressed her gratitude for Ovation Sienna Hills’ support.

“Thank you for your willingness to support our local art scene here in Washington County, Utah,” Susan stated.

Susan has been a board member for years, after seeing the public art when she moved to St. George in 2014. She joined the board not only because she believed that public art could make her new city more beautiful, but also because she saw that it could bring people together — especially seniors — in meaningful ways.

“I believe art elevates our creative atmosphere of business, community, and caring, as well as bringing a healing and hopeful perspective to our older neighbors,” she shared.

Ovation Sienna Hills’ sponsorship will be recognized at the 2023 Art Around the Corner Social, taking place on March 31, 2023 at 6 p.m., the night before the April 1st sculpture installation. The event will feature an auction of 20 small sculptures.

People can reserve tickets to this special event at ArtAroundTheCorner.org.

About Ovation Sienna Hills

Ovation Sienna Hills is a luxury senior living community located in St. George, Utah. With a focus on active and engaged living, Ovation offers residents a wide range of amenities and activities designed to promote health, wellness, and social connection. To learn more about Ovation Sienna Hills, visit OvationSiennaHills.com.

About Art Around the Corner

Art Around the Corner is a non-profit organization that brings public art to the streets of St. George. To learn more about Art Around the Corner, visit ArtAroundTheCorner.org.

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