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Wesley Burr

Dear Nurses and Aides at Ovation and Enhabit,

We don’t have the words. There just aren’t any that will adequately express the depth of our appreciation and gratitude for the compassionate, careful, tender, and helpful ways you cared for Ruth while she was in the Memory Care unit, but we feel such a marrow-deep appreciation for all you have done and for each of you and we want to try to share at least some of our feelings.

We express to each you our thanks and gratitude for the kind and tender ways you cared for Ruth. It was a difficult time for her and for our family, but you were always ready to do whatever she needed. You bent over backward and you were always so patient and tender and thoughtful and kind You went the “second mile” in more ways than one, and we feel a very deep gratitude and appreciation for all you did for her.

The words are all we have, but they don’t seem to be enough to adequately express our feelings. We hope you somehow understand at least some of how we feel. You had the care of her at the most difficult time of her life, and you showed her so much compassion and love and tenderness we are deeply thankful for all you did. It didn’t matter what she needed, you were always soooo thoughtful and patient, and so ready to help with whatever she needed. We stand in awe of your charity, your thoughtfulness, and your compassion. You went well beyond the demands of professionalism and expectations, and we are speechless in searching for words that will convey our gratitude.

As you are probably aware, when you cared for Ruth there was very little left of the wonderful person she has always been. Through most of her life she was sooo charming and talented, so helpful to those around her. Those two vicious diseases that she had for over a decade, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s, robbed her of so much. All that was left when you knew her were just glimpses, just a few of the qualities that we’ve so cherished.

Most of the time, even though Ruth was just a shell of her. former self, she was her sweet, cooperative, and calm self–the ways she has always been for her 87 years. But there were a few times when she got upset. She didn’t understand what was going on or something and she became agitated. She’d tell several of you that you were being ┬źnaughty” and she’d reach out and feebly try to hit someone. Even without fail, you’d still treat her with your usual kindness and tenderness. Thank you. You’d hold her until she’d calm down and you were sooooo sweet and loving. You will forever have a special and precious place in our hearts.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. We wish there were better words, but there just aren’t. These will just have to do.

Thank you from Wes and the rest of our family.

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