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Senior Living Options in St. George, Utah

Which is Best for Me; a Senior Villa Home or Senior Apartment?

When deciding to move to a St. George retirement community such as Ovation Sienna Hills, there are many types of options available for living arrangements. While senior apartments are the most common designs, villas are becoming the new trend for seniors. Deciding on the right living arrangements depends on many factors, including personal preferences and available amenities. Learn more about the benefits of senior villas.

Villas vs. A Senior Apartment

When deciding which is best for you, it is best to dive into what each type of living arrangement offers. Below you’ll find details on what a villa and a senior apartment are and their differences.

What is a Senior Villa Home?

The term villa can have different meanings to different people and regions. Some people compare a villa to a mountain or lakeside retreat, as it’s sometimes referred to as a smaller version of a single-family home.

For some senior living communities, a villa is commonly the first type of home design option. It’s a smaller home with one level, although there are some with two levels. The villas will have all the amenities as a regular single-family such as a living room, dining room, kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom.

Some villas also have extra private amenities such as attached or separate garages, front yards, backyards, and patios for entertainment. They have modern floor plan designs, and some may have smart home technologies. When built in a retirement community, residents have access to community-based restaurants, clubhouses, and other entertainment venues located on and throughout the property.

What is a Senior Apartment?

A senior apartment within a community will be on one of the floors in the main building. Many apartments are spacious depending on the community floor-plan design, as independent living apartments feature kitchens, master bedrooms, master bathrooms, and living rooms. The senior apartment’s floor plans will be based on the resident’s particular needs and wants.

Besides independent living apartments, some communities also feature assisted living and memory care apartments as team members provide enhanced residents’ services. Outdoor areas are often communal spaces for all residents to enjoy. Restaurants and entertainment spaces are located within the senior apartment building or separate buildings on the property.


Benefits of a Senior Villa at Ovation Sienna Hills


Privacy is a top benefit of selecting a senior villa. They are well-built homes designed for security, privacy and comfort. Also, you often have access to a private garage, patio, or yard space.

Pet Friendly

A villa has more space for  pets to run and play. The Villas at Ovation provide a dog park so they can run and interact with other pets as well as residents.

Design Exclusivity

While Ovation at Sienna Hills offers various floor plans that a resident can select for their villa, a resident has full interior design freedom. All water, electricity, and heating/cooling is exclusive to your villa.

Maintenance-Free Amenities

The staff completely handles the interior and exterior maintenance for the villa. The property also features landscaping services and housekeeping. Residents will have villas well taken care of as they don’t have to worry about out-of-pocket costs. View all our community amenities.

Staff Availability

Staff availability in a villa is still the same as for a senior community apartment. You gain 24/7 access to team members on campus as well as concierge services.

Easier Transition

For many residents, transitioning from their single-family home to a villa is much easier. The floor layout has many similarities to single-family homes that create a more comfortable setting. Currently The Villas at Ovation include 25 villas ranging from 1,280 to 1,316 square feet.

Learn how to downsize in preparation to move to a retirement community.



What If Your Needs Change?

When living in The Villas at Ovation, over time your needs or those of loved ones may change. You may require additional help with daily activities. Our retirement community in St. George, UT, offers assisted living and memory care accommodations.

Assisted Living

Assisted living offers residents their privacy and independence. Yet this option also provides our team members to help residents with activities for daily living (ADLs) and instrumental activities for daily living (IADLs). Our St. George assisted living community can help with eating, dressing, mobility, bathing and more.

Memory Care

Memory care accommodations offer highly trained team members who are specialized in dementia and Alzheimer’s care. Residents obtain compassionate and secure care for their daily activities as well as medical support. Learn more about our memory care community in St. George.

St. George Retirement Community

For more information about our retirement community, don’t hesitate to contact us or download our community brochure for more details.

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